Saturday, August 11, 2007


Rama, Rama and Rama alone,
Thee is the soothing of all names
Needless to chant, else and none,
Chanting a ton other, is as the same.

Born were you, the holy ray,
On the earth, in the seventh play.
To the King of Saketh and queens royal
With the serpent, conch and disc loyal.
Blessed by fourth and foremost of seven,
Taught by fiery maker of heaven.
Gone to the dense and dangerous woods,
Killed the demons those under hoods.
At the age when boys just play,
You killed an ogre to hold her sway.

Went to Videha with brother along,
On order, to teacher that belong.
To meet the divine consort of yours,
And relieve a stone off a curse.
When kings tried and failed to move,
Bow you stringed and broke the groove.
A divine unison was in place,
As you wedded the dame in grace.
To see the divine as man and wife,
Gods in crores may wait for life.

At the time for you be a prince,
Hunchback schemed and made the king wince.
Queen wanted your brother crowned,
And for your exile, as father frowned.
Granting her wish, off to boscage,
With wife and brother to live as a sage.
You met the rower on river shores,
Made him a brother of your cores.
Traveled to south and lived in a hut,
Where the demon, wife did abduct.

Wandered in exile, sadness and grief,
Reached a mountain to meet the chief.
You killed his brother to rescue his life,
He promised to help you in your strife.
He set his army to go on search,
Round the globe wander and fetch.
They meet a hawk about to die,
That saw the demon and fought onto nigh.
She is carried to Lanka, who would go there?
Across the sea and snakes to spare.

He, born of wind and made of light,
Servant of lord who made a flight.
Saw the mother let to languish,
Gave the news to end the anguish.
Destroyed the garden made of pearl,
To meet the demon and made him whirl.
Demon was warned and asked to surrender,
Ordered to burn from his tail to render.
He, born of wind and made of light,
Burnt the city and left in its plight.

War begun and soldiers fought,
Scores died as Lanka caught.
Brother the mountain, killed in a moment,
Sorcerer the son was no element.
Ten headed demon and golden armor
Was slain by you, the lord savior.
Returned to home that waited with throne,
Ruled the world with a golden trone.
This is the story when god was born,
Born as man and lived as god.

Rama, Rama and Rama alone,
For thee is the soothing of all names
Needless to chant, else and none,
Chanting a ton other, is as the same.

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