Friday, March 30, 2007

Don't Touch Rama's Bridge

A Loud Call – “Don’t Touch Rama’s Bridge”
Ashwin Kumar Iyer

First Hand Layman Witness

I have visited Rama's bridge near Rameshwaram. I went there last year. Though the place assumes a lot of importance historically and religiously, there is no sign board or organised tourism to this place. We had to go asking local residents on the way.

Once we reach the nearby area (there is a newly built small hanuman temple) we have to take a motor boat to venture close to a kilo meter into the sea to reach Rama Sethu. Reaching there was not exactly a great experience, since there was no organised facility. I was told that a good view of the Sethu can be had during low tide times and especially during the nights or early mornings, I had chosen such a time to visit the place. Once I reached the actual Sethu Site, I was astonished and was in loss of words. The bridge should be easily 40-50 feet wide (the visible part) and made of huge stones. For a normal logical mind it certainly does not seem to be a geographical phenomenon. It certainly looks like a huge manmade structure. At least that is was the structure of the bridge suggests.

Historical Facts

Let us get into a little bit of history and find out what the said structure means factually.

This structure of close to 48 kilometers which is 3 to 30 feet deep through its course and was well above the sea level till the 15th century. The oldest recorded map that mentions of Rama’s Bridge is the Malabar Bowen Map of Netherlands which is supposed to have been made in 1747, where the map mentions no name to the bridge but has mention about a place Ramencoil. Further, the same place is mentioned again in a 1788 Map of Hindoostan available in the Sarasvathi Mahal Library, Thanjavur.

This bridge has also been mentioned by James Rennel in his earliest maps of India 1788 as Rama’s Bridge. However, Rennel carefully and tactfully renamed the bridge as Adam’s Bridge in his 1804 version of the map.

Lying dormant under the waters, the bridge again came into light after the NASA’s satellite pictures released in the early 1990s created curiosity among historians and excitement among Dharmics. Tales started going around on the date of Rama’s Bridge starting from 1.75 million years to 3500 years. NASA though accepted the authenticity of the pictures, however refused to comment on the dating.

Few dating attempts have been made after that. While the Sri Lankan Archeological Department dates the bridge to close to 2 million years old, Centre For Remote Sensing, Bharathidasan University dated it close to 3500 years old.

While existence of this geographical phenomenon is not disputed, no research has been done to find out neither the man-made nature of the bridge nor the religious connection.

Religious Questions

For devout Dharmics who assume and believe the said structure or the geographical formation is a bridge built by Shri Rama, there are certainly a couple of religious questions that arise often. I have attempted to answer them supported by Valmiki’s Ramayana.

Why did Rama build a bridge instead of crossing over in a ship?

The number of soldeirs in Rama's army was huge. You might have to build too many
ships to cross over. Ramayana says "thousand crore monkeys crossed over". We can
take this number to be a poetic exaggeration, but the fact remains that the
number was on a higher side. Moreover, the sea god himself says that the waters
are rough and he will not be able to go against nature (even if god wishes, he
shall not breach the law of nature, is the beauty of Sanatana Dharma).

In slokas 2-22-25 to 2-22-28, the King of Ocean says, “O, beloved
Rama! Earth, wind ether, water and light remain fixed in their own nature,
resorting to their eternal path. Therefore, I am fathomless and my nature is
that it is impossible of being swum across. It becomes unnatural if I am
shallow. I am telling you the following device to cross me. O, prince! Neither
from desire nor ambition nor fear nor from affection, I am able to solidify my
waters inhabited by alligators. O, Rama! I shall make it possible to see that
you are able to cross over. I will arrange a place for the monkeys to cross me
and bear with it. As far as the army crosses me, the crocodiles will not be
aggressive to them.”

How was it possible to build such a bridge across the Ocean?

It was a planned effort and did not happen easily. Nala, the son of Viswakarma, the
celestial architect was a good architect as his father. I am giving below the
slokas and their translations on the building of the bridge. The posting of
slokas are too long, but then just read them, they are wonderful and worthwhile.
Valmiki describes construction of this bridge between Slokas 2-22-50 and 2-22-72

“I am a son born of Visvakarma’s own loins. I am equal to Viswakarma.
This god of Ocean has reminded me. The great ocean spoke the truth. Being
unasked, I have not told you my details earlier. I am capable of constructing a
bridge across the ocean. Hence, let the foremost of monkeys build the bridge now
itself. Then, being sent by Rama, hundreds and thousands of monkey heroes jumped
in joy on all sides towards the great forest. Those army-chiefs of monkeys, who
resembled mountains, broke the rocks and trees there and dragged them away
towards the sea. Those monkeys filled the ocean with all types of trees like
Sala and Asvakarna, Dhava and bamboo, Kutaja, Arjuna, palmyra,Tilaka, Tinisa,
Bilva, Saptaparna, Karnika, in blossom as also mango and Asoka. The excellent
monkeys, the forest animals lifted and brought, like Indra’s flag posts, some
trees with roots intact and some others without roots. From here and there the
monkeys brought Palmyra trees, pomegranate shrubs, coconut and Vibhitaka,
Karira, Bakula and neem trees. The huge bodied monkeys with mighty strength
uprooted elephant-sized rocks and mountains and transported them by mechanical
contrivances. The water, raised up due to sudden throwing of mountains in the
sea, soured upward towards the sky and from there again, gushed back. The rocks
befalling on all sides perturbed the ocean. Some others drew up strings a
hundred Yojanas long (in order to keep the rocks in a straight line.) Nala on
his part initiated a monumental bridge in the middle of the ocean. The bridge
was built at that time with the cooperation of other monkeys, of terrible
doings. Some monkeys were holding poles for measuring the bridge and some others
collected the material. Reeds and logs resembling clouds and mountains, brought
by hundreds of monkeys, lead by the command of Rama, fastened some parts of the
bridge. Monkeys constructed the bridge with trees having blossom at the end of
their boughs. Some monkeys looking like demons seized rocks resembling mountains
and peaks of mountains and appeared running hither and thither. Then, a
tumultuous sound occurred when the rocks were thrown into the sea and when
mountains were caused to fall there. On the first day, fourteen Yojanas of
bridge were constructed by the monkeys speedily, thrilled with delight as they
were, resembling elephants. In the same manner, on the second day twenty Yojanas
of bridge were constructed speedily by the monkeys of terrific bodies and of
mighty strength. Thus, on the third day twenty-one Yojanas of the bridge were
constructed in the ocean speedily by the monkeys with their colossal bodies. On
the forth day, a further of twenty-two Yojanas were constructed by the dashing
monkeys with a great speed. In that manner, on the fifth day, the monkeys
working quickly constructed twenty-three yojanas of the bridge up to the other
seashore. That Nala, the strong and illustrious son of Visvakarma and an
excellent monkey built the bridge across the sea as truly as his father would
have built it. That beautiful and lovely bridge constructed by Nala across the
ocean the abode of alligators, shone brightly like a milky way of stars in the

Logical Questions to be Addressed

In the wake of Sethu Samudram Project, it is a known fact that the historically and religiously important Rama’s Bridge would be demolished to make way for a new shipping canal between India and Sri Lanka. A few political parties have raised security concerns over this idea and a few other experts have raised eyebrows on the economic benefits this project could offer. However, I have done no research on that subject and would not speak about security concerns and economic benefits. Besides security issues and economic viability the said project is attached to an extremely sensitive issue of history and religion.

It is highly surprising how the said project was approved and cleared by various departments (especially geology and archeological departments). It is understandable that the said project has not gone to their purview because no archeological activity or geological research is happening in the current site. However, in the wake of said allegations by various political parties, non-governmental organizations and religious institutions, these departments could have made a suo moto response to the Union Ministry of Shipping & Transport to halt the project till a research is commenced and concluded in the said site. The ministry in a self-confession in the parliament has come out with a statement saying that ‘no archeological work has been done in the said Rama’s Bridge site’. In that case, it is highly inappropriate to demolish a structure which has a historical and religious importance without a proper justified research backing the decision.

Relevant to this case, there are a few questions that are still unaddressed, say,

1) First and foremost question is that whether the said bridge is man-made or a geological phenomenon.

2) If it were a geological phenomenon it would assume a great importance for geologists and scientists, making it very important for us to preserve it. It would probably become the oldest natural rock formation in India and the biggest and oldest natural rock formation of the world and the only one under the sea.

3) If it were man-made but not built by Rama, still it is of extreme importance as an archeological site. Probably it would classify as one of the man-made wonders of the world and the oldest ever man-made bridge to exist.

4) If archeologists and theologists can prove it to be anywhere closer related to Shri Rama, the importance would be the greatest, since it has a religious connotation and probably the biggest find relating the religion (especially Dharmic) and also of archeological importance attached with religion.

Answers to these questions would certainly direct us to only one conclusion – the Rama’s Bridge should not be touched for demolition. It might/might not be a religious site, but it is certainly beyond even what we call as “precious”. It is a natural phenomenon which has surprised scientists and geologists by its sheer existence.

If Indian government tries demolishing Rama’s bridge for enabling a shipping canal project, I might probably even think that the government might take Qutab Minar off the place because it disrupts traffic. I do not think the UPA government would want themselves to be equated with the Taliban who destroyed Bamiyan Budhas while the whole world witnessed. In both cases of Taliban and UPA government the action is the same, destroying of world heritage, while only the motive is different.

The word of caution is loud and open – Don’t Touch Rama’s Bridge.


Harish Venkatachalam said...

Good. I am going to digg this story for you. Tell your friends to joing the digg community and vote for the article. Vande Mataram.

Vijayalakshmi said...

This is an excellent article! The Rama's Bridge,which has been photographed by NASA, is the oldest man-made bridge and a living testimony of the historicity of the Ramayana. We can tell our progeny that Ramayana is part of our Indian history and it is not a myth.

vj rag said...

An excellent article.Hope our government atleast now understands the greatness of our culture!KUDOS for this excellent piece of work.

devi said...

Excellent work. Someone had sent me this link:
a few weeks ago. Wonder if you have heard of these happenings at the bridge.

K. Srinivasan said...

Please alsolisten to the expert views in a podcast at

Anonymous said...

man tht was an good article.these political parties has not taken any steps to construct ayodhya rama temple but got ready to demolish rama's bridge.n the 1 who supports is a christian n says himself as a dravidian n tamilar.

rajesh said...

excellent and an eye opener.But these findings are o0f least importance to any govenment.At least the archeology deptartment should wake up and do its dutifull bit.

Ruschil said...

Good job. The birdge must not be abolished at any cost

sudheer said...

great work,it is very good article,iam very happy to say that ,it was constructed by lord Rama

Haranram said...

Great job Mr.Ashwin! A good article too! The main opposition party (BJP) has woken up at last and it seems some actions are being taken. I am sure Lord.Rama will teach the UPA a fitting lesson soon.

Jai Shri Ram! Jai Aanchaneya!


Shiva Prasad said...

Greate Informaiton.
Naturally all non anti-hindu readers support your moto.
keep continue.
but, there is a need to motivate community members in a constructive way.
Perhaps, i dont know how to do that.

Sachin Tatake said...

What sort of unpatriotic ideas do our leaders come up with!?
They are truely a shame to India.

venkata said...

Venkata Raman Syamalam
Genuenly a Secular Article of Great Significance for Mankind as a whole. Let us look at the options before us in stopping this vandelism from happening. I am listing out a few with a commitment to pursue in these lines:
1. Reach out to the President of India with a million signature campaign
2. Work on with the global forums in Getting the two countries involved India and Sri Lanka to see reason and stop.
In a lighter vien may if
we can get BUSH see a PUSH for him !!!! in getting this done!
Hope this would not look Hilarious! for him
NDTV, CNNIBN Should probably see that there is after some real value in carrying your Blog across the country.
2. Reach out to the

Anonymous said...

BJP ...needs 2 come in power...congress r too corrupt & selfish to either think abt our history or our future...

aishvarya_27 said...

this is too gud....v ol shud wish lord rama to show our government d rite path n hope dey do take some interest such imp part of our valuable culture.

Bodhi said...

Thank you for an awesome article.

Here is another blog dedicate to Setu:

Also please sign the online petition:

Mahesh said...

It is a good artical evry hindu have to read this and see the greatness of darma

abhi said...

if u wanna see the bridge

if it will broken there could be a war
Jai Shri Ram

cerenityblossoms said...

this link was sent to me..thatis how I came to know...We should be proud of ancester's culture, architecture, tredition..instead these politicians destroy the name and fame...I dont know why? Mother Nature only should come to rescue our country from these demons.

My Board said...

I totally agree with your blog... this bridge is not jst of rocks but it is a bridge of millions and millions of hindus and their belief...

well wat can upa govt can do to save this archaeological monument??? It is headed by a Christian who jst reads her hindi speeches written in Hindi!!!

The most disgusting part is tat the crane which is used to rip apart this bridge is named after "HANUMAN".

Well this crane worth 100's of crores of rupees was damaged during its operation near Adam's bride due to some UNKNOWN cause. Do u think some supernatural power is protecting the bridge???

Well congress party always blames B.J.P as a party waging war on pretext of saving Hinduism. But they r forgetting one thing... Mr.Ghandhi, father of our nation himself gave a statement after Independence tat "RAMA RAJA" has to be installed in the country...

so friends lets stand up and protect our monument which we strongly believe was built by RAMA... our Holy GOD...


Phaneendra Dutt

Arvind. said...

great work MrAshwin,excellent!!n Thank you

Anonymous said...

It is the Tamil Nadu government and
its ministers who are pushing hard for this project, since it will help the Tuticorin and Chennai ports to compete against Cochin and Colombo. To be fair, Congress had no role in this. DMK and AIDMK had the same policy when they where in the NDA govt also.
Secondly, anybody who looked at their geography maps should have seen this bright and clear. I was always curious about this bridge even as a school kid. It is not a new discovery at all. We don't even need NASA to find this, you can see it clearly in Google maps or MSN maps. It is funny that people are reacting as if it was discovered yesterday.

Bala said...

I don't think that it is Tamilnadu govt. alone. The socalled backbone of today's socalled congress, I mean Antonio's(Sonia)hand in this issue is possible.(May be an Order from the vatican)

Sthithapragnan said...

Nice Article my mitra, you have done a great job, let us all do our best as what the squirrel did its part for constructing the bridge. Vande matharam.

mahesh said...

The whole thing is done by d PSEUDO SECULAR ANTI-HINDU GOVT. both at d state n d centre. This is definitely a natural heritage which shud b protected n preserved, neither of which d govt. is doin

sweetchintu said...

gr8 work mate...!!! i would like to add somthin to it.the issue of constructin of boats was raised by lakshman as well but was downed by veebhishan as wat he said was tat creatin boats is not a problem but ravan's shores are protected by huge catapults sort of mechanical devices, so on reaching the shore the boatsshall be bombarded by these catapults and our soldiers wont even be able to get down on land.also nal and neel had a curse by a sage that anything they throw in water wont drown.this curse became a blessing in disguise for them.
jai shri ram!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jai Sri Rama....

How can some thing that was done by God be undone, impossible!

The atheists are ensuring their furhter entanglement in this material illusion, I feel sorry for them.

To not behold the greatness our beloved Lords own handy work, what a shame. To see the devotion of Hanuman and the vänara soldiers serving Sri Rama and Sita mata, wow beautiful....

Jagannatha Suta Das

Anonymous said...

Its a proof that y lots of Indians are goofiessss

rishi s said...

The DMK govt headed by MK in TN is issueless and the dirty politics of this state goes on 24*, they need some of the ministes recently went to the centuries old library to make a note of something....why is this govt .headed by a sardar, a muslim, anchored by a christian and some partners who r atheists n communists do not understand indianness.......god will come soon

rishi s said...

this calls for a struggle, struggle to save hinduism in its own u know that 30% of AP is christian.........and now with a christian CM , they r having a who is there to save our religion and the sethu...............JUST WE.Lets start an armed revolution..........remove all bottlenecs.........thats the only soln

Rahul sharma said...

Thanks to

Ashwin Kumar Iyer

thanks for the eye opener god bless you

ruchik said...

good....awake hindus

Maansi said...

Hindus need to wake up now as it has reached a level where in our culture and our religion is being suppressed and the voice of hindus is becoming feeble.. the problem lies in us not being united and having a 'let go' attitude..

excellent work ashwin..

first of all we need to know that its not only in this matter we shud raise our voice but in all other aspects related to our religion which people are neglecting being hesitant in raising their voice,. also due to selfish needs of these politicians our culture rich hindu nation has lost its value...

when a Muslim could boldly destroy all the temples of our country invading india for 17 times why cant build a temple at ayodhya which is our own...?
it is all because of these power licking politicians and people who support them that our voice is being unheard..
they are cheating thier own religion in the name of secularism ...

and this article throws light on ram sethu...
the name 'adams bridge' boils our blood .. we should do something to make it really big issue so that every hindu feels taht his religious beliefs are being shaken and come out of thier shell to fight against these people trying to ruin our religion ...

Biju Kozhuvalloor said...

itz really upsetting that our govt is biased towards the feelings of the citizen. If such kind of things belongs to any minority comy they dare to touch that ...
main cause behind all these issues is hindus r not united. Don't touch Rama Sethu, whtever the profits itz bring forget that. More than that, make the site as a holy place and the govt should start bringing world's attention to this most respected monument ... there will not be any more TOLLERENCE from Hindus if any body touch RAM SETHU ... JAI SRI RAM

Anonymous said...

Hi friends , I had gone through the comments . I'm totally in disagree with the you comments.There is no relation between Lord Rama and the sand structure (For you people it's a bridge).

1.Very basic question : Actually a bridge should be above the water level .Then only it is so called as bridge????????????????But It is under the water level !
(I think Lord Rama is a poor architect .Please Excuse , Don't say that , previously the bridge was above the water level , it has been sinked gradually.I need a at least one proof for that !)

2.Rama has PUSHPAGA VIMANAM.Then why he needs a bridge a to cross the sea????.(If the passengers are more , then he can enhance the pushpaga vimanam into a Boeing pushpak vimanam !!)

3.Every knows that , it can't be built by Lord Rama .But most of the people were hypocrites . At least once think clearly !

Anonymous said...

Wasnt rama a fictional character ?

Ashwin Kumar Iyer said...

Dear Anonymous (I assume that the last two posts by Anonymous are by the same person),

1) Your contention is ridiculous. There are a few temples under tha water in Mahabalipuram. why did Narasimha pallava construct it under the water? The old adyar bridge in Adyar is under the water today, do you think people who constructed it did so for water-wading. You are asking for proof for the existence of the bridge. early maps of India (including the mughal paps available in the saraswathi mahal library) tell us that the bridge was usable as late as 1540.

2) There are two large categories of presentation in debate. One is Argument and the other is Seamless or baseless argument. Your contention on Shri Rama's Pushpaka Vimana is just a baseless argument. I will tell you why. First, I think you have a little knowledge of Ramayana. Pushpaka Vimana does not belong to Lord Rama but belonged to Ravana. After Vibheeshana suceeded Ravana to throne, he lent that to Rama to go back home. And more over,how do you expect a huge army to be transported through a single flight? Why does Indian army build roads in its strategic military bases towards foreign countries if they can airlift their army? And further, please read my article fully. Ramayana clearly shows that the God of Sea rules out transport of the army by ship by stating valid and logical reasons.

3) Child, your third point is not an argument but an allegation that is based on a wrong assumption. Completely dismissed.


4) Lord Rama fictitious? It depends if you are a believer or a non-beleiver. If you were a beleiver you wouldn't question. If you were a non-beleiver there is no point in answering.

Ashwin Kumar Iyer


ravish said...

GROW UP guys. No religion is greater than humanity.
I wanna ask a question, as I know the bridge of Ramayana was a floating bridge. The boulders were supposed to float as per the touching effect of NALA and NEEL. Now tell me how the bridge got submerged?
I m sure no one is going to Demolish it, finally.
Why Can’t we make a Hospital or any other place where one can worship humanity, instead of RAMA Temple.
No political party is going to help u, they all r same.
You Rama bhakt r good 4 nothing. You don’t even understand what Rama was.. Plz grow up..

Ashwin Kumar Iyer said...

Dear Ravish,

Agreed that no religion is more than humanity. Infact, religion is just one discipline of order in human civilisation. However, tell me how did it contradict this article's idea of asking the government not to touch Rama's Bridge.

Ashwin Kumar Iyer

On your story of the floating Rama's Bridge, that is a "story" we hear from our child hood. But Valmiki's Ramayana, the first historical account of Lord Rama differs. PLEASE READ THE ARTICLE again FULLY and CAREFULLY. I have given on Valmiki Ramayana's description on how the bridge was built.

ravish said...

Dear Ashwin,
I m not questioning ur efforts. I was commenting on some other blogger’s remark on Aydhoya Ram Temple.
if this is really Rama's bridge who will be able to demolish it, Rama will take care of it.
Say, it is ‘Ram Bharose’
I support ur effort because I believe It’s a amazing creation of nature, and being a nature lover I don’t want any such development and progress. We don’t demolish Nature we only demolish ourselves.

varun said...

Dear Ashwin ,

I'm one of the two anonymous .I have asked 3 questions.

I'm a Child ??? yes of course .Because children doesn't think any thing wrong .
But you are well matured ,educated and might be a corporate person.You know everything ,
but still you are speaking based on a purana??. Thats what I said you people are hypocrite.
May be you have a belief that Rama built the bridge.But ,most of your supporters definitely know very well that
it was a natural structure and it was not built by Rama .But still they are supporting , is only for the hindutva.
Nothing more than that...! ! !

I accept , I don't have any knowledge on Ramayana.I have enjoyed Ramayana in TV shows in my child hood.
But , I cant understand how you are taking ramayana as a base for this issue.

I wont bother , if someone( including you) is speaking like

"I'm believing that Ramayana is a real story and everyone should believe it first (blindly).It is true that, the bridge was built by Rama.So it should not be destroyed".

Because, there is no meaning to involve an argument with these persons.
I can even appreciate those persons, because they are believing blindly.No probs.They harmless persons to this society.

The hell is , now a days well educated and corporate persons were trying to give scientific proofs (??) for this ramayana drama.
Not only in Hinduism , it has become a trend / fashion that giving scientific proofs for the foolish religious rituals and stories.

There is a always a group of people were doing R&D on developing scientific proofs for the baseless stories.
Might be you are more interested in that..!

This is very much horrible !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

v said...

Varun, WTF are you calling foolish religious rituals and stories? Only self-loathing people like you have such disgust for our culture and people who want to protect it.

HOW do you think Dwaraka was discovered and what descriptions do you think it matched?

Those "foolish" religious rituals and stories are highly regarded by millions of hindus and foreigners.


Rohit Kaushal said...

i jUst want to say that i support U....and i wana say that as a person(of any nationality) grows menataly , economically....and in education standards,,,,,,he become more and more concerned about his nation n heritage.
BUT the problem with INDIANS is they learn two words of english....sorry n hello...and consider themselves FORWARD n then such issssus are RUMOURS , FOOL BLIND FAITHS N BASELESS.......
BUT we neeed to fight ....and m with u.........

aalay said...

Great work...quite explainatory and enlightining!!! Hopefully sence will prevail in the Indian Government and some other means of cutting short the passage time will be found!!!Keep it up!!!

ravish said...

Dear V
I agree, I hv respect for our culture, we must protect it. I respect my religion and culture because it has shown us a great way of living.
our second position in population..
Having second largest number of HIV patients.. (Shows how ethical we r)
our scientific backwardness..
our culture of Racism, Castism and Communalism..
Endless list of crime against females.. (in the land of SITA)
We hv leaded the world in Philosophy and knowledge, and how the invention list is full of our inventions.
The list is endless..

How many conversions to Hinduism hv u ever seen? I hv seen people converting themselves to Christians.
Because I (Hindu) was failed to give him respect and love they needed. Some people came to those hatred people
And hugged them, gave them a big place in their hert, educated them. They made them feel that they r no more
That’s how missionaries r serving their religion and culture, no wonder they hv spreaded everywhere.
What r we doing? Fighting to make a temple to make Hinduism great???



Kolakot said...

Proud to see this blog,i really appreciate the gr8 effort from your side in publishing this article in your blog.The Govt. cannot rule out public opinion.If vanara could construct such a gr8 bridge,we can protect it from destruction.We know how to protect ot,no matter who oppose us...

Kolakot said...

Dear Anonymous ,
Hope you will read Ramayana, please make arguments only if you know the topic.And about Pushpakaviman,,,you got reply from Aswin Iyer.
I've to say one thing: "We can awaken those who are sleeping,not those who are pretending to be in sleep".

lalu said...

hai friend......this is a wonderful thing u have done.I was think this after the functions goes near by 2 weeks before called "SADANAPADAM"Mr:Nndettan from "SANADANA SAMSTA"who was talked to me about this......i was proud of u man...always all the peoples are thinking about Hindhu Dharmam....we r hindus we can think and do somethink for our bharathmatha..."JAI BHOLO BHARATH MATHA KI JAI" "SAVE RAMA SETU"SAVE INDIANS FROM THE BAD RULERS"VANDE MADARAM.........................................................

NARESH said...

Naresh Kadyan

NARESH said...


aabhas said...

It's high time we wake this govt out of its slumber...We cannot allow our glorious history, which is amply supported by facts, to be destroyed...JAI SHRI RAM!!!!

varun said...

Dear V, Thanks for Your Comments and words you have used. It is a great thing for Lord Rama to have a devotee like you!

Dear Guys,
Even when Lord Rama appears before you and saying like "The structure was not made by me, you can destroy it ".In that case also you people won't allow to destroy.

Because you people were fighting for

1. Religion, But not for Rama. You people were loving only the Religion, but not the
But the reality is, Religion is different and God is different.

2. Basically you people were not at all love the GOD

If you go to the temple and your prayer will go like this.
"Please give me good education, job, health, wealth.
Give me the same for my family, friends so on ..." and you are dedicating the prayer to
all the human beings in this world ! ! ! ;-D
You are sharing your sorrows, failures and everything with god.

Well and good!

But at least any one of you have prayed like this -->

"Hai God, How are You! How is your health? Did you have any problems? How is
Life going .Is it smooth ? Take care .Bye!"

Don't think its look silly! This is the natural way of expressing love with any body.
But you people were using god like a servant to do all your wishes. Even if he made
for that , don't you have Courtesy on him .

You people were torturing god. He is a most lovable and sweet person.Dont express
your wishes, sorrows and all your bull ....s always with him.

---- ------------------

To speak about Lord.Rama, I don't need to read Ramayana .Just loving the god is enough .I'm loving god. You??

avinaash said...


satish said...

The bridge whose images has been discovered are propogated as the one built by Rama by people like you and media associated with Sangh parivar.They are also spreading the hoax that it is man made and
1,750,000 years old.But NASA has debunked this false propogation.
Please see

You can also see or

or report on Hindu at

Adam's Bridge is only a chain of shoals between the Palk Strait and the Gulf of Mannar, created by sedimentation owing to long shore currents.He traced the geological history of the Palk Strait and the Gulf of Mannar. The region was part of Cauvery basin, which was formed during the separation of India and Antarctica about 70 million years ago during the `Gondwana period.' The long shore currents on the southern side of island created a discontinuous shoreline eastward from Dhanuskodi to Talaimannar, which is the Adam's Bridge.

Please dont communalise this issue.


Naresh Kadyan

Anonymous said...

The objective of this comment is to convert the hindus into human beings.

Hai hindus,

I am Human Being. I think you peoples dont have thing about me. I am a living being in this world.
This information is not enough for you peoples to know about me. We can learn it later. OK?

If hindus are not human beings then what?
Don't thing you are all gods.

As a Human Being, in my views you are all HARMFUL CREATURES.

Don't worry hindus. I will slowly recover you hindus. Ok?

Let us move to Rama bridge.

Who is Rama? Rama is a hero in the ramayana story. It is just a story. so

If rama is god, then muthu, padayappa, badsha were also gods.

If there is no muthu, there is no rama. If there is no rama, there is no rama bridge. If there is no rama bridge, why we should fight for this stupid reason.
So go and take care of your family. leave this rumour"rama bridge" There is no bridge, no rama. If you want to show your faithfulness, go to your temple. Don't fool the uneducated peoples.

Your are the harmful terrorists in this universe.


Anonymous said...

The objective of this comment is to convert the hindus into human beings.

Hai hindus,

I am Human Being. I think you peoples dont know any thing about me. I am a living being in this world.
This information is not enough for you peoples to know about me. We can learn it later. OK?

If hindus are not human beings then what?
Don't thing you are all gods.

As a Human Being, in my views you are all HARMFUL CREATURES.

Don't worry hindus. I will slowly recover you hindus. Ok?

Let us move to Rama bridge.

Who is Rama? Rama is a hero in the ramayana story. It is just a story. so

If rama is god, then muthu, padayappa, badsha were also gods.

If there is no muthu, there is no rama. If there is no rama, there is no rama bridge. If there is no rama bridge, why we should fight for this stupid reason.
So go and take care of your family. leave this rumour"rama bridge" There is no bridge, no rama. If you want to show your faithfulness, go to your temple. Don't fool the uneducated peoples.

Your are the harmful terrorists in this universe.


Kolakot said...

Hi anonymous,
So you agreed that you are "uneducated".But we are not fooling anyone.This is pride of Indians.Hindus are humanbeings...if you need to be a human being this religion should be here.Wea re protecting this to hear "loka samastha sukino bhavanthu".we never told "hindu samasatha sukino bhavanthu"...This is not a religion,but a life style.
Yes,As you said |"We are harmful TO the terrorists in this universe"|.

VARUN this is for you,
1.Yes,we love our religion,because it is the way to god.(you can take any path).we need this religion as we need freedom(see our neighbouring countries).
2.You were telling people don't love god.This shows your lack of knowledge.God doesn't bother whether you like or dislike,love or hate.But,majority are praying for personal benifits.(there you are right).
Don't ask god about health conditions...pls don't bother about that,if he is not ok,then you won't be posting in this blog.

SATHIS this is for you,
I'd read N. Ramanujam's article in Hindu.You are taking his words and neglecting thousand people.Hope you will belive him if he says "earth is triangle shaped".

Apoorv said...

Ashwiniji thx for writing such an article. I would like to get in touch with you. May I pls have your email address. I would be grateful.

papu said...

Brother, congratulations to you all who have created such a nice site. Infact most of us in our country and world are corrupt. Thats why all such things are happening. Can you believe any of our leaders/ministrs to be honest ? No way. Sethusamudram is a project which will enrich some of our political leaders and their families for some more years. But dont worry, this earth is not going to sustain more than 50 years as we can see destructions of natures by we the corrupt human beings in the name of development. In the name of mining all natural old green forests are vanishing, Concret jungles are increasing, Pollutions are on rise [as everybody wants a vehicle and every family want to be an industrialist creating factories thus polluting environment] which is causing GLOBAL WARMING. Feel this is high time to have another PRALAYA so the human race can start afresh with good people.

Anonymous said...

hi guys,

normally train or bus will go in the bridge. But in our RAMA Bridge. Flight will go. Ramaji Ramaji Aavo ji aavo ji, flight udu ji.

Ohm ramo ramayana.

Anonymous said...

friends, we r allways talking about bridge, rama. y v r not talking about seetha. ????????????

Karan said...

Mr.Ashwin Kumar Iyer,

This is Karan Vir Well all this sounds so movingand u have really awakend me thnk u so much hats off to your research its Exellent! but i believe in Solutions ,And positive ones by making and buliding things not Destroying and Belitteling other people ,no comments but i think thts wats happening here in your blog seeing everyones comments .But my point is if u want to make more of an impact apart from wht u are already doing in a Silent Way, i may say Silent Revolution.I make Comics on Ancient India and our Mission is to Show all these Heroes who Existed In our India as Heroes who died for smething more thn jst Human Needs But Dharma!so i would like some info from u on History on one of our characters from If u Want to make a silent and soft Point to the Youths of India and the World i wouldnt say big but considerablely gud.Contact me on or it would be kind of u to give me youe mail id or no. or wht ever is comfortable to you.

Warm Regrds,

Karan Vir
President-Vimanika Comics
Sathya me Vijeta.....

Rajiv said...

Jai Shri Ram !

Brother U have done a wonderful work on ur side the way u have reached our heart is not easy to describe... About the bridge... I would like to promise... We will not let them do wat they want... Rama destroyed Ravana coz he was doing wrong... now the same is their destiny.... Govt is to develop things and motivate indviduals not to destroy cultures and demotivate people... If U get any more information please try to share with us... My Id is .. U have done a good job... Now its Our turn...!!

Rajiv Goswami

Anonymous said...

Hi Aswin,

Wonderful article by you and good information. Rama Bhaktha Hanuman will save the setu construncted by his god and he is the next brahma.He will teach a good lesson to all these idiots.Already lesson No.1 started in Karaunanidhi's family by splittings between karunanidhi son's.

Jai Jai Rama.Jai bolo Rama Bhakta Hanuman ji ki

sree said...

you done a good job to protect our culture is our duty jai sri ramji

M.A.Padmanabha Rao said...

Why named Adam's Bridge ?
My scientific research on Valmiki Ramayana pinpoints that Adam's Bridge, addressed as Nala Sethu in Ramayana, was made by three distinct species "Vanaras, Golanguls and Rukshyas" during Ramayana period. They were different from humans, apes or monkeys. It was made under the commandership of Crown Prince Rama and with the supervision of Vanara-architect Nala in just 5 days. Mannar island is part of the Sethu according to my research. As the British seem to have regarded it as the oldest they used the term 'Adam' and the term 'Bridge' for Sethu.


For information on Vanaras please peruse:
2. VANARA ARMY FORMATION - Before going to Lanka War
4. Identified or discovered Rukshyamuka Hill of Ramayana

Dr. M.A. Padmanabha Rao, Ph.D (AIIMS)
Former Professor in Medical Physics
114 Charak Sadan, Vikas Puri, New Delhi 110018, India ,
Ph: 28534251,

Anonymous said...

After reading your article, i have a question... is it possible to correctly gauge the 'age' of a geological structure from a satellite image?

savitha said...

Good. This is very good article. I dont want to say it as Adam's bridge. It is Rama's bridge. There are many historical records to prove this. No one should let the bridge to touch. I am sure that if the bridge is damaged some bad thing is going to happen. i vote for the article. Vande Mataram. Jai hind.

Anonymous said...

Common guyswe are in 21st century.. still you are talking about ramar bridge.. This will help booming indian economy not only for tamilnadu but india as whole.

Lakshmanarao said...

Build Another Bridge parallel to SRI RAMA SETU instead of demolishing.

Excellent experience to know about the Srirama Bridge. Isn't it.

UPA Government want to get the Atomic Energy technogy from USA But why can't they adopt a policy of USA not to destroy any old and historical structures whether it is a house or any thing else to destroy. Instead of demolishing the ramsetu, They could demolish Qutub Minar, Tajmahal or Lal killa, Charminar etc.

If they want transportation to be established between the Srilanka and India, They can do so, By constructing another bridge between India and SriLanka. They can do so very very easily in stead of destroying the Oldent ever known bridge related to Hidus'

This is Lakshman

raj said...

Sonia Gandhi dont know about our culture . she should remember the words said by Mahatma Gandhi gaaru before leaving to Heaven. HEYRAM. BOMMEDI SUDHAKARREDDY. ABVP. VANASTHALIPURAM. BHAGYANAGAR.

gopelalwani said...

The military, maritime and economic advantages for the construction of
the channel are there for India' which has prompted the government to go
for the project. This can also be achieved by improving existing infra structure.

India has many more burning issues to address, let them first improve
Infrastructure, make good quality roads, railway tracks and airports
of world class; which affect 1 billion people day in day out and save
millions of man hours and billions of rupees every day and then think
about this setu which may affect few hundred ships and few millions

This project is brainless and unnecessary.
At present ships coming to the peninsula have to circum navigate
Sri Lanka. The $560-million Sethusamudram Ship Canal Project is
intended to shave up to 785 Km. and 30 hours off ship journeys between
India's western and eastern coasts. Just Rs. 21 crore fuel costs every year
will be saved. Conservationists say the project will kill marine life and harm
fisher-men's livelihoods.

This west coast to east coast of India canal project for navigation will
not benefit International shipping like Suez and Panama or bring in extra revenue from International Maritime. $ 560 Million are being wasted. The project has no payback period.

After all Ram Setu canal is not as important as Suez Canal and
Panama Canal, which have brought advantages to the hole world.

The project can easily be done by digging a 60 meter deep 300 meters
wide channel at shortest point near Rameshwaram or even inside hinterland.

The affidavit by UPA Government has hurted the Hindus' in the similar manner as Cartoons by Danish cartoonist did to Muslims or Da Vinci Code did to Christians. There are many things which you can't measure on the scale of
development . Similarly faith can't be compared by development.
Ram Setu is the matter of faith and not politics.

gopelalwani said...

UPA Govt feels that there is no 'historical evidence' for Hindu faith, they may as well demolish all Hindu temples and declare that
there is no such religion !

With the Leftists as their partners, they may also declare that there is no such thing as 'religion' and demolish all Churches, Mosques, Buddha Viharas, Gurudwaras,Jain temples and such other symbols of religious faiths.

If Bible and Koran can be relied upon to create 'faith' in Christianity and Islam, then Gita and Ramayan can also be relied upon to instill faith in Hinduism !

Anyway Vedas, the oldest scriptural literature, will not die even after the UPA and congress die !

After all Hinduism is a way of life.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

All the developed countries in the world are developed only because and when they wisely seperated the religion from development of those nations. It is pitty that indians are going back in time as time passes. In few years educated people from india will go to china seeking employment. Still endians act like a land of blind people.

Very minority in india use religion for their vested interest and it is pitty that many people fell into their tricks without understanding things in the grass root level.

I wonder why rama choosed to build a bridge and not a boat or small ship which is much more easy than building a bridge to cross the sea.
So evidently the story of rama bridge is originated in the reverse direction. That means the so called bridge was formed naturally due to the ocean currents from either directions(or perhaps a after a tsunami !!)and the story was built after seeing the bridge. There are hundreds of such divine stories in every religion. So please think before shouting.

Anonymous said...

Hello sir,
Am a student want to join architect r civil engineering. Can you please tell me where was MR.Ram B.E., (cvivil Engineer architect) studied and which company worked with. Or is he owning a college or construction company. Help is appreciated.

Anand said...


1. No industries were allowed to come up within 50 km of the Taj Mahal as it was feared that the air pollution might pose a threat.

2. The Delhi Metro route was re-aligned to prevent any damage to the Qutub Minar during its construction and also to ensure that the view of this minaret is not blocked.

Can you ever imagine that the political class of our country that goes out of the way to protect and preserve Muslim(supposedly) structures like the Taj Mahal and Qutub Minar can be so arrogant and criminal as to actually order the destruction of a million year old Hindu man-made structure?

This structure is a bridge made of rocks and hard stone formations connecting Rameshwaram to Sri Lanka via the Bay of Mannar . We Hindus revere it as the RAM SETU because LORD RAM built it with the help of his tribal army on his way to Sri Lanka to slay the demon king Ravan.

This is the religious angle. Now consider the other dangers inherent :

· The sands of Kerala and Tamil Nadu coast have 95% of world's thorium deposits--enough to meet electrical power needs of the whole of India . The cutting through of Ram Setu shall permanently destroy this precious resource and make India strategically dependent upon other countries for her power requirements for all times to come.

· Ram Setu is a permanent barrier against tsunamis the kind of which recently struck the southern Indian coast. "Destroying the setu", points out tsunami expert Tad S Murthy, "opens up serious potential damage to the entire Kerala and Tamil Nadu coast when the next tsunami occurs."

· The "ultra-secular" UPA Government has ignored textual and scientific evidence about the structure's historical value. "Damage to Ram Setu is a violation of the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains Act of 1958 since this is a monument which has remained in existence for over 100 years".

· US space agency NASA's satellite imagery confirms the structure to be the oldest man made formation. The successive "Taj Mahal obsessed" central govts., in not doing so, have robbed the Indian people of billions of dollars worth of tourism-related foreign exchange inflows.

· The assault on the mankind's oldest heritage site- RAM SETU has been ordered by the democratically elected Indian Govt in much the same way the Pakistani/Talibani mad-mullahs destroyed the Budha statues in Afganistan.

Help Spread Awareness for the sake of our beloved country.

got this information through a mail and fully agrees with every line.

Jai Sri Ram! let Hindusthan Be saved!


gotham said...

well.....a very good and informative article about the ram setu ...probably would act as an eye opener to the millions of sleeping hindus and also non hindus....and as for the demolition process goes everyone knows it is a conspiracy of the UPA and the communists to destroy the ancient hindu culture ....the first thing that should be destroyed in this country should be the JNU which is harbouring the ugly marxists of this country .....history is a proof that wherever the communists have prevailed the country goes astray wondor our historians and archeologists are communists ....courtesy JNU....tht is the reason tht in our history books there is no mention of the destruction of hindu temples by muslim invaders and the mughal rule is considered to be GLORIOUS is a pity that we (hindus) are still divided over castes , regions and languages is high time we should forget about our regional differences and unite together as one ....before its too late .....cheers!!!!

Anonymous said...

There is only one true religion, sanatana dharma and its mother, India. There is no other religion that loves peace and has that kind of philosphically depth. oh believers protect the bridge of Ram with your life. your india is being ruled by a non hindu, that is your problem. Establish a hindu state, and turn ram's bridge into a place of pilgrimage.make coversions to other religion a criminal offence like malaysia where muslims cannot embrace hinduism or other religion. they will be systematically persecuted and id registration department will refuse to change the converts name.

Periyar did a great job but he can .... himself with his idea of secular state.

Make your state religion hindu. make all other religions of invaders subordinate. Then hinduism will live, your bridge will live.

jay sri ram jay india

Anonymous said...

Mr Ashwin, you have done a great job.


Varsha said...

This is a great artical. It is very surprising that our polititians do not understand the importance of our historical treasures.

Anonymous said...

Nice , good , excellent article.What the fu.....king thing governament is doing? Are they crazy? Why this gov is somuch intreast to distroy the hestorical bridge?

Anonymous said...

We should strive to preserve our historic monuments. I hope our government is able to find the right resources to establish Rama's bridge's authenticity and preserve it for generations to come.

Anonymous said...

அம்பேத்கார் எழுதிய கீழ்கண்ட புத்தகத்திலிருந்தும் ராமாயணம் பற்றிய என் கருத்துக்களிலிருந்தும் சிலவரிகள்...
English quotes are Quoted from: Appendix No.1 of Part 3 of the book
Riddles of Hinduism 1995
By Dr. Babasaheb B.R.Ambedkar

1. ராமர் மற்றும் அவரது சகோதரர்கள் பிறப்பே சிறிது யோசிக்கவேண்டியவிசயம். முனிவர் குடுத்த பிண்டங்களை சாப்பிட்டதால் பிறந்தார் என்பது.சரி அப்படியே முனிவர் கொடுத்த பிண்டத்திலிருந்து வந்தவருக்கு தகப்பன் எப்படி தசரதனாக இருக்க முடியும்? மகாபாரத கர்ணன் சூர்யகுமாரன் என்றால் ராமர் முனிபுத்ரன் தானே?!

Rama's birth is miraculous and it may be that the suggestion that he was born from a pinda prepared by the sage Shrung is an allegorical gloss to cover up the naked truth that he was begotten upon Kausalya by the sage Shrung, although the two did not stand in the relationship of husband and wife. In any case his birth, if not disreputable in its origin, is certainly unnatural.

2. ராமா அவதாரத்தில் அவருக்கு உதவ வானரப்படைகளை தேவர்கள் விபசாரம்செய்தும், அடுத்தவர்கள் மனைவியை புணர்ந்தும் உருவாக்கினார்கள்! ஒரு ஏகபத்தினி விரதனை உருவாக்க ஏகப்பட்ட பத்தினிகள் புணரப்படனர்!

Valmiki starts his Ramayana by emphasizing the fact that Rama is an Avatar of Vishnu, and it is Vishnu who agreed to take birth as Rama and be the son of Dasharatha. The God Brahma came to know of this and felt that in order that this Rama Avatar of Vishnu be a complete success, arrangement shall be made that Rama shall have powerful associates to help him and cooperate with him. There were none existing then.

The Gods agreed to carry out the command to Brahma and engaged themselves in wholesale acts of fornication not only against Apsaras who were prostitutes, not only against the unmarried daughters of Yakshas and Nagas but also against the lawfully wedded wives of Ruksha, Vidhyadhar, Gandharvas, Kinnars and Vanaras and produced the Vanaras who became the associates of Rama.

3. ராமனின் காமம் மற்றும் அவரது ஏகப்பட்ட பத்தினிகள்...
Mr. C.R. Sreenivasa lyengar's translation of Valmiki Ramayana says: " Though Rama had married Sita to be the queen, he married many other wives for sexual pleasure in accordance with the royal customs. (Ayodha Kandam 8th Chapter, page 28). (The term "Rama's wives" as been used in many places in Ramayan).

4. தந்தையை கேவலமாகப் பேசிய தசரத ராமன்...
Rama called his father " A FOOL, AN IDIOT" (Ayodhya Kandam, 53rd Chapter).

5. வர்ணாசிரம வெறியன் ராமன்... சூத்திரன் தவம் செய்தல் ஆகாது என்று ஒரு பாவமும் செய்யாத சம்புகனை கொன்ற பாதகன் ராமன்..
Sambuka was slain (by Rama) because he was making penance which was forbidden to hime by Vedas as he was a "Shudra" (Uttara kanadam, Chapter 76).

6. ராமர் சீதை போல வாழ்ந்தால் விள்ங்கிச்சு உலகம்... ராவணனை விரும்பினாரா சீதா?
Sita told Rama "You are no better than a woman-monger who lets his wife for hire and makes is livelihood. You want to be profited by my prostitution". Sita also told Rama "You lack in POTENCE, manners and charm" & "She called her husband a simpleton".
As soon as Sita stepped into Ravan's palace her love towards Ravan grew more. (Aranya Kandam,
Chapter 54).

7. அயோக்கிய சுக்ரீவன், ராமரின் பிரென்டின் லட்சணம் பாருங்க...

வாலி மாயாவியை சண்டையில் வீழ்த்தி குகையில் மாட்டிக்கொள்கிறான். அவன் இறந்துவிட்டதாக நினைத்து ( இப்ப புரியுதா.. நினைப்புதான் பொழப்பைக் கெடுக்குதுன்னு" தமிழ் சொலவடை வந்த கதை!) கொள்கிறான். என்ன செய்திருக்கவேண்டும்.. வாலியின் மகனான அங்கதனையல்லவா முடிசூட்டியிருக்கவேண்டும். ஏன் வாலியின் செருப்பு ஒன்றும் கிடைக்கவில்லையா.. பரதனுக்கு கிடைத்தது போல?

Vali and Sugriva were two brothers. They belonged to the Vanar race and came from a ruling family, which had its own kingdom the capital of which was Kishkindha. At the time when Sita was kidnapped by Ravana, Vali was reigning at Kishkindha. While Vali was on the throne he was engaged in a war with a Rakshasa by name Mayavi. In the personal combat between the two, Mayavi ran for his life. Both Vali and Sugriva pursued him. Mayavi entered into a deep cavity in the earth. Vali asked Sugriva to wait at the mouth of the cavity and he went inside. After sometime a flood of blood came from inside the cavity. Sugriva concluded that Vali must have been killed by Mayavi and came to Kishkindha and got himself declared king in place of Vali and made Hanuman his Prime Minister.

As a matter of fact, Vali was not killed. It was Mayavi who was killed by Vali. Vali came out of the cavity but did not find Sugriva there. He proceeded to Kishkindha and to his great surprise he found that Sugriva had proclaimed himself king. Vali naturally became enraged at this act of treachery on the part of his brother Sugriva and he had good ground to be. Sugriva should have ascertained, should not merely have assumed, that Vali was dead. Secondly, Vali had a son by name Angad whom Sugriva should have made the king as the ligitimate heir of Vali. He did neither of the two things. His was a clear case of usurpation. Vali drove out Sugriva and took back the throne.

8. ராமாயணம் பற்றி ராமபக்தர் காந்தி எழுதியது... "My Rama (god Rama) is not the Rama of Ramayana". Mahatma Gandhi

9. மனைவியைத் தவிக்கவிட்ட கொடும்பாதகன்.. யாரோ சொன்னார்கள் என்று தன் நிறைமாத மனைவியை காட்டில் மிருகங்கள் உலாவுமிடத்தில் சூழ்ச்சி செய்து விடச்செய்து கவலையற்று 12 ஆண்டுகள் அரசாண்ட கொடும்பாதகன் ராமன் (அவருக்குத் தான் நிறையா மனைவிகள் இருந்தாங்கன்னு முதல்ல பாத்தமுல்ல!). அவளுக்கு என்ன ஆச்சு, குழந்தை ஏதாவது பிறந்துச்சா என்று எந்த வித அக்கறையையும் எடுக்காமல் வாழ்ந்த கொடும்பாதகன் ராமன்.

And what does he do with her when he brings her back to Ayodhya? Of course, he became king and she became queen. But while Rama remained king, Sita ceased to be queen very soon. This incident reflects great infamy upon Rama. It is recorded by Valmiki in his Ramayana that some days after the coronation of Rama and Sita as king and queen, Sita conceived. Seeing that she was carrying some residents of evil disposition began to calumniate Sita suggesting that she was in Lanka and blaming Rama for taking such a woman back as his wife. This malicious gossip in the town was reported by Bhadra, the Court joker, to Rama. Rama evidently was stung by this calumny. He was overwhelmed with a sense of disgrace. This is quite natural. What is quite unnatural is the means he adopts of getting rid of this disgrace. To get rid of this disgrace he takes the shortest cut and the swiftest means - namely to abandon her, a woman in a somewhat advanced state of pregnancy in a jungle, without friends, without provision, without even notice - in a most treacherous manner. There is no doubt that the idea of abandoning Sita was not sudden and had not occurred to ram on the spur of the moment. The genesis of the idea, the developing of it and the plan of executing are worth some detailed mention.

When Bhadra reports to him the gossip about Sita which had spread in the town, Rama calls his brothers and tells them of his feelings. He tells them Sita's purity and chastity was proved in Lanka, that Gods had vouched for it and that he absolutely believed in her innocence, purity and chastity. "All the same the public are calumniating Sita and are blaming me and putting me to shame. No one can tolerate such disgrace. Honour is a great asset; Gods as well as great men strive to maintain it. I cannot bear this dishonour and disgrace. To save myself from such dishonour and disgrace I shall be ready even to abandon you. Don't think I shall hesitate to abandon Sita."

This shows that he was making up his mind to abandon Sita as the easiest way of saving himself from public calumny without considering whether the way was fair or foul. The life of Sita simply did not count. What counted was his own personal name and fame. He of course does not take the manly course of defending his wife and stopping the gossip, which as a king he could have done and which as a husband who was convinced of his wife's innocence he was supposed to do. He yielded to the public gossip and there are not wanting Hindus who use this as ground to prove that Rama was a democratic king when others could equally well say that he was a weak and cowardly monarch. Be that as it may that diabolical plan of saving his name and his fame he discloses to his brother but not to Sita, the only person who was affected by it and the only person who was entitled to have notice of it. But she is kept entirely in the dark. Rama keeps it away from Sita as a closely guarded secret and was waiting for an opportunity to put his plan into action. Eventually the cruel fate of Sita gives him the opportunity he was waiting for. Women who are carrying exhibit all sorts of cravings for all sorts of things. Rama knew of this. So one day he asked Sita if there was anything for which she was craving. She replied that she would like to live in the vicinity of the Ashrama of a sage on the bank of the river Ganges and live on fruits and roots at least for one night. Rama simply jumped at the suggestion of Sita and said, "Be easy my dear, I shall see that you are sent there tomorrow". Sita treats this as an honest promise. But what does Rama do? He thinks it is a good opportunity for carrying out his plan of abandoning Sita. Accordingly he called his brothers to a secret conference and disclosed to them his determination to use this desire of Sita as the opportunity to carry out the plan of abandoning her. He tells his brothers not to intercede on behalf of Sita, and warns them that if they came in his way he would look upon them as his enemies. Then he tells Laxman to take Sita in a chariot next day to the Ashram in the jungle on the bank of the river Ganges and to abandon her there. Laxman did not know how he could muster courage to tell Sita what was decided by Rama. Sensing his difficulty Rama informs Laxman that Sita had already expressed her desire to spend some time in the vicinity of an Ashram on the bank of the river and eased the mind of Laxman. This confabulation took place at night. Next morning Laxman asked Sumanta to yoke the horses to the chariot. Sumanta informs Laxman of having already done so. Laxman then goes into the palace and meets Sita and reminds her of her having expressed the desire to pass some days in the vicinity of an Ashrama and Rama having promised to fulfill the same and tells her of his having been charged by Rama to do the needful in the matter. He points to her the chariot waiting there and says, "Let us go!" Sita jumps into the chariot with her heart full of gratitude to Rama. With Laxman as her companion and Sumanta as coachman, the chariot proceeds to its appointed place. At last, they were on the bank of the Ganges and were ferried across by the fishermen. Laxman fell at Sita's feet, and with hot tears flowing from his eyes he said, "Pardon me, O, blameless queen, for what I am doing. My orders are to abandon you here, for the people blame Rama for keeping you in his house".

Sita, abandoned by Rama and left to die in a jungle, went for shelter to the Ashrama of Valmiki, which was near about. Valmiki gave her protection and kept her in his Ashram. There in course of time, Sita gave birth to twin sons, called Kusa and Lava. The three lived with Valmiki. Valmiki brought up the boys and taught them to sing the Ramayana which he had composed. For 12 years the boys lived in the forest in the Ashrama of Valmiki not far from Ayodhya where Rama continued to rule. Never once in those 12 years this 'model husband and loving father' cared to inquire what had happened to Sita - whether she was living or whether she was dead. Twelve years after Rama meets Sita in a strange manner. Rama decided to perform a Yagna and issued an invitation to all the Rishis to attend and take part. For reasons best known to Rama himself no invitation was issued to Valmiki although his Ashram was near to Ayodhya. But Valmiki came to the Yagna of his own accord accompanied by the two sons of Sita introducing them as his disciples. While the Yagna was going on the two boys were used to perform recitations of Ramayana in the presence of the Assembly. Rama was very pleased and made inquiries, and he was informed that they were the sons of Sita. It was then he remembered Sita and what does he do then? He does not send for Sita. He calls these innocent boys who knew nothing about their parents' sin, who were the only victims of a cruel destiny, to tell Valmiki that if Sita was pure and chaste she could present herself in the Assembly to take a vow and thereby remove the calumny cast against herself and himself. This is a thing she had once done in Lanka. This is a thing she could have been asked to do again before she was sent away. There was no promise that after this vindication of her character Rama was prepared to take her back. Valmiki brings her to the Assembly. When she was in front of Rama, Valmiki said, "O, son of Dashratha, here is Sita whom you abandoned in consequence of public disapprobation. She will now swear her purity if permitted by you. Here are your twin-born sons raised up by me in my hermitage". "I know", said Rama, "that Sita is pure and that these are my sons. She performed an ordeal in Lanka in proof of her purity and therefore I took her back. But people here have doubts still, and let Sita perform an ordeal here that all these Rashis and people may witness it".

With eyes cast down on the ground and with hands folded Sita swore "As I never thought out of anyone except Rama even in my mind, let mother Earth open and bury me. As I always loved Rama in words, in thoughts, and in deed, let mother Earth open and bury me!" As she uttered the oath, the earth verily opened and Sita was carried away inside seated on a golden simhasana (throne). Heavenly flowers fell on Sita's head while the audience looked on as in a trance.

சரீங்க... இதுக்கெல்லாம் உள்ளேயும் வெளியேயும் ஒண்ணுமில்லாத சோ என்னத்தை சொல்வாரு? இட்லி வடைக்கும் ராமனுக்கும் முடிச்சுப் போடதடா செல்லான்னா சொல்வாரு?

Prabhu Dayal said...

Dear Aswiniji,
Your research work and arguments are impressing. It seems that this issue has arisen so that a great mystery is going to be solved and a secret unraveled.
Please let me know since your article overlaps Shri Anubhavanand's sight 'behappy', does he ascribe to some of your views? What are his views,in any case? PD Mishra

Ranganath Eunny said...

When Rama and the Vanaras returned to mainland, Vibheeshana was worried that the bridge will enable invaders from the mainland to attack Lanka just as Rama and the Vanaras had. He spoke of his fears to Rama and the Lord shot three arrows onto the bridge and destroyed it.

So if Lord Rama Himself destroyed the Sethu, why are we resurrecting it in 21st Century? The BJP is preparing for the next elections and wants an issue that has nothing to do with development or caste politics. A simple yet emotional issue that will ensure it 85% votes. SO they are redefining mythology and using it on the unsuspecting and Indians to sway their minds. The same BJP is sharing power in Bihar and yet refuses to acknowledge the recent law and order issues (lynching) and the floods and the inability of the state government in acting on time. Shame on this party that builds castles out of air to fool the public and sway their opinion.

Thandaveswaran said...

Its a good article and highly appreciable. I think the people of our country should join together and raise our voice regarding this issue and protect our history and our religious belief.

vignesh said...

This is a very very use full message about a precious thing presreved in this world.

K S Ramanathan said...

The article has made it very clear that Sethu might be man made or natural creation. But, very unique and should be preserved. These points have been simply forgotten by that anonymous person who made all sorts of criticism. In fact, when the dredging work started, the ship carrying the work was damaged and still under repair. The greedy politicians who want to make easy and quick money are bent upon carrying out the project.

vijaya said...


Maddy said...

Hi Dudes,

Great Work !!!!

Really very good Article and Nice Comments.

Keep it up.


Anonymous said...

The UPA govt is the most sacrilege govt in the world. BJP protect the land of the Hindus.


Anonymous said...

no stone will leave unturned to save shri ram setu.

kushi said...

bajrang dal of india is capable of
saving shri ram setu.

sumit khanna
u. p.(09935150273)

Thandaveswaran said...

Oh yes, just there is no need to worry about destruction of the ramasethu bridge....that which is created by Lord Rama cannot b e destroyed without His consent. Hence no need to worry. Even those constructing /manufacturing the required boats,ships,cranes etc know for sure that they cannot succeed at the end to destroy the Rama's Bridge. "Jai Sri Ram"

Anonymous said...

Jai Sri Ram
Excited and surprised to see such a wonderful eye opener about sethu bridge. The government should protect this manmade bridge and provide some facility so that people can have a darshan of the bridge.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr.Ashwin,

You have done a wonderful job. Excellent information and wonderful arguments.

we will try to save ram sethu from this ravanas.

ram ram ram ram ram ram ram ram ram

Anonymous said...

jai sree RAM.I am an Hindu.I leave in Kerala.Now Kerala's ruling party is C.P.I.M.They r saying there is no Ram&They r saying to cut Ram sethu.So Keralians lets show them we all Hindus r united so let's teach them a lesson in"GENERAL ELECTION".
LAST WORD"Don't Touch sri Rama sethu"Mr Karunanidi&U.P.A.

Anonymous said...

Re: Ram Setu - Do the stupid UPA crooks think that they can fool the public?
Kamban Ramayan does not state that Ram broke the bridge! Pl read "Scholars slam government claim on Ram Setu" on Hindustantimes website. Here's a little clip:

"research by Hindustan Times shows that the two most prominent versions of the Ramayana — by Valmiki and Kamban — make no mention of the destruction cited by lawyer Fali S Nariman, who represented the government before the court." shame upon the upa govt

FACTS said...

Oh you Indians! You think your great Rama and that monkey built this! And what Valmiki wrote is true but not fiction!

If this was man-made, surely there's only one man who could've done that... the great RAVANA!

You probably know there are people in India, let alone world, who keep saying Mahatma Gandhi was a traitor and Subash Chandra was the real hero. Ramayanaya was exactly the same, jealous Valmiki came up with ludicrous piece of literature degrading great Ravana in favour of Rama and that monkey.

In fact the real incident was that Vibishana the coward wanted the throne from Ravana and he went to such lengths and brought outsiders (Rama and Co.) to the mix.

FACTS said...

Anyway I appreciate your protest, even though it should be changed as "Don't Touch Ravana's Bridge". Not only this proposed shipping canal would destroy this marvellous structure/natural wonder, it will change ocean currents, resulting in hostile weather changers in Southern India and Northern Sri Lanka.

Anonymous said...

Thank You sir ,

giving valuble information ,

Jay Shree Ram .

Anonymous said...

I was personally visited the site. Its a man made bridge no issues .

Tamil Nadu wants to make money out of Setusamudram project. But when elections are closer, they are strong hindus !!!!!

As a Sri Lankan and as a person who belive I am coming from the generations of Rawana, I can not understand how a hindu dominated country like india going to distroy is bride.

This shows money made indian government to say no to log Hanuma.

Anonymous said...

Add a comment on King Ravana:

1. King Ravana was a sinhaleese King, its the present belive is there was a Ravana Generation and the last Ravana called "Dasa his" (who specilized ten sciences / technologies) was described in the Ramayanaya.

Still In Sri Lanka the medical books written by King Rawana is in existance.

Hemant Kain said...

The bridge constructed by Ram was destroyed by Ram himself on request of Vibhishan. This was the place utilized to built bridge. If geographical conditions were not liked that He would have constructed ships instead of bridge. The strait we saw between India and Sri Lanka is not man made.

anonymous said...

good work ashwin.
varun, you have no right to hurt the feelings of our religion. and, we hindus are also doing community help, for example the hospitals constructed by satya sai baba, the service of swaminarayana sect of people, and many more.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this article. really enjoyed n was so happy reading the article. I am happy :)

Thanks you


Aniceto Pereira said...

We can ascribe any number of names for that bridge and any number of origins. It's much the same with Bible archeology, which involves trying to legitimize events that are most likely fictional and aggrandized. You can see this in Beowulf, a poem written about a Danish king, who wasn't two centuries dead, and it had him fighting imaginary monsters (Grendel, a dragon).

If you want a closer analogy to the kind of fiction our epics offer us - think of people looking for Spider-Man's house in Forest Hills and the Fantastic Four plaza a few thousand years from now on the sites that are New York - or perhaps they'll take that fiction with a pinch of salt.